The Power of Persistence

Upon being asked to write this post, my initial thought was around the meaning of “persistence.” To me there are many ways that I think of “persistence,” which I will go in detail about in this post. I’m also given the exciting (yet challenging) task to think of this in the context of Autism acceptance.... Continue Reading →


In life, persistence rarely exists without courage.  Enjoy this sweet story about both… From my years serving individuals on the autism spectrum as a speech-language pathologist, there is a particular scene that has remained vivid in my memory. It was the end result of one of my high school students sitting in my office, sharing... Continue Reading →

Passion, Persistence, Perspective, and Autism

In thinking about passion, persistence, and perspective, and how these relate to autism, what comes to mind for most people might be the passion autistic individuals express regarding their special interests and expertise; the persistence that is needed to gain acceptance; and the perspectives we all hope to change. The question on my mind is... Continue Reading →

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